About Amitree

We're on a mission to transform the chaos of business email into an AI-powered deal organizer, project manager, and virtual assistant.

Who We Are

We've built Folio: the first AI email assistant for professionals


Folio plugs directly into your work email inbox and automatically organizes your email, giving you contextual access to all the information you need to increase your productivity in minutes.

We are a team of passionate product people and engineers that gets excited about solving complex processes and creating value for people.


We're a venture funded company backed by Accel Partners, Vertical Venture Partners, and other leading venture capital firms and angel investors such as Ash Patel and Jerry Yang.

We're Hiring


Great people are the single most important part of how we help our customers do what they do best, better


We are hiring all over the world for our distributed team. Please check our open positions.


Our Core Values

Say and Do the Hard Things

Be explicit. Don't leave important things unsaid. Don't be afraid to be wrong. Say it and do it while also caring personally.

Be Informed 

Context is key. Be curious. Ask questions when you don’t understand, and make it your mission to understand as much as you can about all aspects of the business.

Invest in Others 

Invest in knowing and helping each other, our customers, and anyone we work with. Take the time to see and hear those around you. Imagine what they might need and proactively deliver it.

How We Work

User Centered Design 

We believe that great products must put the user needs first. The entire team is involved with our design process: weekly design reviews, user research interviews and activities, and sketch sessions.

Agile & Lean Development 

We've built successful products before, and we find the best way to rapidly build a successful product and business is to work with agile methodologies and strong processes. We favor building the product iteratively so that we can learn quickly from our users, but we're not afraid to work hard, take big swings, and take risks.

Fully Remote

We are a fully distribute, remote team, working together from all over the world. We use strong processes, written documentation, asynchronous communication, and relationship building to help us succeed.

584 Castro Street #851, San Francisco, CA 94114

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We'd love to hear from you.


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584 Castro Street #851
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