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More than a software tool, a personal assistant

John’s Reasons Why


  • Folio functions as an extension of Gmail or Outlook, which makes it convenient for Realtors like John who work out of their inboxes.

  • Folio helps John stay organized by helping his growing business track multiple deadlines.

  • Folio helps John keep his customers in the loop on every facet of the transaction.

  • Folio adds a layer of polish and professionalism to John’s business. It makes him more efficient, which makes it possible for him to do more deals.

John is a relationship-centric realtor from Las Vegas. Throughout his eight-year career, John has focused on listening to his clients and constantly asks himself “how can I contribute to them?”

Dedicated to client service, committed to delivering value


John Nehme’s real estate practice is based in Las Vegas, and his focus is squarely on meeting the needs of his clients. Over the course of his eight-year career, John has worked continuously to find new ways to deliver maximum value. Customer satisfaction is paramount and it shows. Sixteen of the seventeen transactions John closed in 2017 were referral-based.


Getting organized, staying on track


John is constantly asking, how can I help my customers? Folio was the answer. After hearing of it through a colleague, John signed up for the free trial. The benefits were apparent immediately. John likened to having the personal assistant he never knew he needed. Folio doubled his organizational capabilities. It made it easier to communicate with his clients. It helped him stay on top of appraisals, reappraisals, inspections, earnest money deposit deadlines and more. The days of writing down key dates on a yellow pad for clients so they can transfer the information to their own calendars when they get home were over. Folio helped simplify everybody’s life.

My favorite Folio product feature is the timeline, absolutely. It’s visually driven and easily accessible. I love the automation of it. I love the simplicity of it. I love the way it keeps my clients on track.”

Less stress, more satisfied customers


When it comes to the real estate industry, John can’t imagine doing anything else. When it comes to working efficiently, he can’t imagine using anything else. Folio is more than a transaction management tool. It’s a customer relationship tool. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of John’s business and John’s clients love how much easier Folio makes their lives. Buying a home is one of life’s biggest decisions. Folio helps John make it less stressful and more satisfying for everybody involved.

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Let Folio take the stress out of real estate transactions for you and your clients.


Make it smooth. Make it seamless. Make it Folio.

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