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Renee’s Reasons Why


  • Folio improves communication; clients know exactly what’s happening when it’s happening.

  • Folio keeps buyers and sellers on track. The software’s smart email assistant sends out reminders to all relevant parties to ensure everybody is on the same page.

  • Folio is a great value! It costs less than a CRM and offers realtors a great tool for saving time and money. It makes it easier to showcase your expertise!

Renee is a realtor with 13 years of experience working in Michigan and California. She was recently re-elected as a District VP of Women's Council of Realtors for the state.

In it to win it -- for her customers


Renee Edly is a realtor with 13 years of experience. Originally from Michigan, Renee made a life change and moved to California five years ago where she has continued on her real estate journey to help people. As an active leader in the Women’s Council of Realtors, she was recently re-elected as a District Vice President for the state. This year she was elected to serve as the President for the Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors.


Specializing in listings from $70K to $1M, Renee describes herself as somebody who strives to make a difference for her clients. “I didn’t get in the business to help people lose on a certain price point,” she says. “I got into the business to help people win.”  


One trial, many benefits


Renee’s introduction to Folio couldn’t have come at a better time. Her Outlook had crashed, taking her meticulously organized folders with it. Equally frustrated with Gmail’s inability to help her organize her materials in a satisfactory way, she was happy to give Folio a try.

What she quickly discovered was how efficient Folio’s software made her. It cut search times in half. It allowed her to create custom timelines that both the buyer’s and seller’s agent could rely on to stay informed. Communication improved, not just between Renee and her clients, but between everybody involved in the transaction.

Communication is critical in real estate. When there’s no communication it suggests nothing is happening, even if the opposite is true."

Renee + Folio + client satisfaction


Since making Folio part of her team, Renee’s clients have been effusive in their praise for her organization skills and ability to help everybody stay on every aspect of the transaction. “Thank you for keeping us so well informed and up to date!” wrote one. That kind of positive feedback isn’t just good to hear. It’s exactly why Renee got into the real industry to begin with.

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