Case Study

Turning Organization Into Opportunity

Roger’s Reasons Why


  • Folio delivers value. It saves time and makes it easy to communicate at a high level.

  • Folio delivers customers. Roger gets more deals and more people to accept his contracts because he’s able to work better, faster and smarter.

  • Folio delivers organization. Folio makes Roger more organized, which helps him make more money. It’s more than a software tool. Roger describes it as an extension of his team.

Roger is a buyer’s agent in Visalia, located in the Central California Valley. As an active investor and owner-manager of apartment properties, his realty specialization is investment properties.

24 transactions, 1 focused approach

Roger Dechance’s real estate business is tightly focused. He does 24 transactions each year and considers himself a problem solver. If he can’t find a solution to a customer’s needs, he finds somebody who can. Seventy percent of Roger’s work is with buyers, and unpredictability goes with the territory. Agricultural lands, country properties, light commercial: Roger never knows where his next opportunity may come from.

In the field, on the go, Folio works


Because he places a premium on being organized and efficient, Roger spotted one of the biggest benefits of Folio immediately. It made him better at communicating not just with his team but with everybody involved in the transaction.

No software to my knowledge allows the buyer, seller, lender, and the escrow person to know what’s happening all along the way in the transaction.”

That’s not all Roger appreciated about the tool. It works on multiple platforms, which is critical for agents like him who work primarily in the field. The software allows Roger to modify the transaction timeline to suit his personal approach. Greater cross-team communication. Fewer wasted phone calls. Custom inputs. Instant notifications.


It all adds up to a tool that gives Roger an edge over the competition.


Elevating his business


When Roger put Folio to work for him, people started taking notice. He began receiving thank- you notes from customers for making the process go so smoothly. People jumped at the chance to work with him because they knew he would make their jobs easier. Roger has become known in his industry as somebody who is experienced, knowledgeable and, thanks to Folio, extremely organized.

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